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We are the only company in the world to offer entire range of Liquid Chromatography products, like Nano, Micro, Analytical, Bio, Semi-Preparative, and Preparative and process HPLC Systems, and also, offering services, trainings and consumables for any make of HPLC Systems.We offer HPLC,UHPLC(UPLC),GPC(Gel permeation chromatography),IC(Ion Chromatography),FPLC(Flash Chromatography),HSCC(High Speed counter Current Chromatography),Preperative HPLC,Production/Process HPLC,SMB(Simulated moving bed )Chromatography,DAC(Dynamic Axial Compression Column).


“Accuracy is the spirit of the analysis.” Based on a well structured design and manufacturing process. Unquestionable accuracy and precision were a prerequisite; Secondly quantification and precision of analysis were dependent on accurate flow rate.

Excellent reliability and stability. The pump heads have been machined using first class CNC process; the innovative structural design has been designed to achieve minimum pressure fluctuation. Consequently stable flow, low noise and overall quality provides the foundation for reliable result.

Analchrom software offers complete control, powerful data processing, reporting functions, intelligent diagnostics systems and maintenance utility ensure a complete and flexible software solution your analytical work.

Art combined with practically. The modular system provides shape and character whilst being aesthetically pleasing. The unique and practical design ensures ease of use and maintenance. In essence, the combination of art and practically complement each other.

The intelligent HPLC is a high performance yet cost effective solution. The modular design ensures that you can configure the system to meet your application requirements. A dedication team of product specialists will provide technical support and provide an applications development service.